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Friday, 25 February 2011

Pirates 3-0 Marauders

The Pirates made up for their lacklustre first game with a 3-0 win over Skaven last night. I've not got a lot of commentary to add, so I'll just forge ahead with the match report.

Pirates vs Marauders

After winning the toss and choosing to kick the Pirates lost no time at all blitzing right through the Marauders line of scrimmage with Helehuiwen (#4, Witch Elf) cracking the skull of the Skaven ball carrier and relieving him of his burden. Turn two saw her finish what she started with a short sprint into the end zone to put the Pirates 1-0 up.
Kicking again the Pirates tried to blitz the ball carrier a second time, this time from the flank. But overconfident Arnon (#10, Linesman) ended up going headlong in his attempt to reach his target. Thurichir (#2, Blitzer) made up for his team-mate's mistake by knocking the Skaven down next turn, but Maenven (#8, Linesman) couldn't get a grip on the ball, sending it straight into the waiting arms of a nearby rat. The startled Skaven player was unable to take advantage of his good fortune, failing to make the pass to his team-mate. Helehuiwen (#4, Witch Elf) saw this chance for another touchdown and raced right into the middle of a pack of Skaven, but tripped in her haste which allowed the Skaven thrower to get his paws back on the ball. It wasn't to last, as Thurichir (#2, Blitzer) bowled over yet another Skaven ball carrier, recovering his opponents drop and making it down the pitch for a turn 8 touchdown to leave the Dark Elves with a two point lead at the end of the half.

The second half started with a Dark Elf push down one side of the field, but Himchir (#6, Linesman) was stretchered off after taking a solid blow and missed the rest of the match. Undeterred the Pirates managed to break away with the ball, then spent the next five turns tossing it back and forwards next to the end zone while the remainder of the team held up the Marauders on the scrimmage line. As the referee prepared to blow the final whistle Maethoranu (#1, Runner) stepped over the line to make it 3-0, with only two Skaven left on the pitch.

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