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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Da Boss will see you now...

So far so good. Armed with nothing more than a need for a pint and pay day I went to the GW and got myself De Slag Om Skull Pass because it was cheap (being slightly out of date and Dutch) and gave me both a small number of Gobbo's and Dwarves as I was still undecided which to play.

A check of rule books and a bit of thought later and I went back down for some fanatics aswell!

So I'm off to build my Gobbo's and maybe get some painted before I bother you with pictures.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Akhrin always strikes first

Or at least strikes with higher initiative than my fellow bloggers. Yes, Akhrin has picked up the start of his army. Into Games Workshop after work (allowing myself to be delayed only by a quick pint down the pub with Shrooms) to spend silly money on toy soldiers.

I've now got my Dark Elf army book, battalion (28 Warriors, 20 Corsairs, 5 Cold one Knights), an extra regiment of 16 Warriors, another 5 Cold One Knights and a Reaper Bolt Thrower. I'm also waiting for my Sorceresses to show up from mail order and I can start getting this army well and truly together!

Unfortunately (from the hobby point of view, at least) I'm away on holiday for the next fortnight or so, but you'll be left in the capable hands of my co-conspirators (and maybe another blogger into the mix, with any luck) until I get back and can really grind on with my army.

Nagarythe, here we come!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

What's it all about? (Who we are and what we do)

I've got a confession to make: we don't do Warhammer Fantasy. I've not played it in about 10 years, I expect Shrooms is somewhere similar, and I'm not sure Dair ever played it at all. Myself and Shrooms play 40k, and for all intents and purposes Dair doesn't really do wargaming.

But from the looks of the blogosphere we're not the only people putting down our tanks and boltguns to pick up blade and shield to do battle in the Old World now that 8th Edition is out. So here we are, three of the laziest gamers you're ever likely to meet. With any luck keeping a blog will give us the encouragement we need to keep modelling, painting and gaming. Expect the first few posts to pop up over the next week or so as we start to pick up our models and begin our armies.

Now, where did I put my chainmail?